Horizon MPC is the leading experts in the apparel industry with over twenty-five years of experience and have been manufacturing medical protective clothing for medical personnel, healthcare workers, and medical students since 2017.

Horizon provides medical protective clothing such as medical scrubs, clinical coats, isolation gowns, PPE kits, and other medical clothing that provide the protection required by healthcare workers.

We look forward to continuing to provide the most reliable and competitively priced medical protective clothing that meets your needs and requirements and ensures safety.

Kanishka Wanniachchi
CEO / Founder

Horizon Medical Clothing Team 

Nayana Wanasinghe
Senior Consultant

Horiozon  Medical Clothing Team 

saman premathilake
Public Relations

Horiozon  Medical Clothing Team 

Nadeesha Wanniachchi
Product Specialist

Horiozon  Medical Clothing Team